Earn passive income | €uro-$ollars

Invest globally in US Dollars | Monthly

Reduce TAX earn more | Switch tax RESIDENCY

Earn 6-8% pa €uro-$ollars | PASSIVE INCOME

Protect self & family | In US $ollars

Severe illness-Disability-On Death

Solutions to future proof tomorrow…


Our Purpose | Be Future Ready!

In uncertain and disruptive times we
• Protect individuals and Family
• Preserve Wealth and Lifestyle
We do this by FUTURE-proofing tomorrow

Since 1993 | History & Experience

The SMARTeam offers hundreds of years of experience. A very necessary attribute in this diverse and increasingly complicated world we are challenged with. The combined wisdom of the team ensures that the SMARTeam remains focused and relevant to satisfy client needs and FUTURE-proof their goals. 

Our Approach | Financial FREEDOM

Listen to clients; and understand their goals and needs. With these insights we can then create the path to FINANCIAL FREEDOM; in hard currency; through passive/annuity income, maximising tax deductions on income and through estate planning enabling generational wealth.

Knowing that clients living in emerging countries face added financial and personal safety challenges; solutions employed must take this into account. Often our clients require the option to relocate or retire to another country. Whether for business or personal reasons. Many wish to be global citizens for business and travel.

Diversification across countries, asset classes and currencies are a necessity in this complex world. No one country or investing in one country provides peace of mind. It is a shifting and evolving environment. Many of our solutions are in hard currencies.

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The SMARTeam brings together partners and their specialised expertise. Through our partner network and team, we meet client’s expectations!